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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Welcome to all my new followers!

Good morning everyone!
Would like to offer a great welcome to all my new followers!! I hope you like my blog and the cards I have made, I have been a bit lax of late with my card making, but hopefully am back on the right track now! I would happily make cards all day long but  other things interfere!!!!!

I am looking forward to visiting all your blogs over the next few days and looking at your lovely creations, I sometimes gain inspiration from looking at others not direct copying I hasten to add lol.

 I have some cupcake wrappers to cut today, but hope to squeeze a couple of card makes in as well!!! Have already been up to our local hospital for a blood test, goodness I thought the nurse was going to drain me she just kept popping those little bottles on and off!! I have been struggling badly with my weight of late and the doc is thinking I may have a thyroid problem just to add to all my other little ills! I have gained quite a lot of weight over the last few months nearly 3 stone to be exact, so depressing and it sure doesn't help my already poorly back! I gave up smoking 9 weeks ago and can attribute some weight gain to that I am sure although I have been careful with my grazing! tried to go for mainly fruit etc, I have to say I dont' feel any healthier for quitting the dreaded weed, was hoping for a burst of good health but alas no lol.

Well I had best get on with todays chores! thanks for stopping by.

Love and hugs

Sandi xx


Kathryn said...

Hey congrats with the stopping smoking :) any tips lol ...and remember one thing at a time when you feel abit 'healthier' tackle the next one :)


sparklingblackrose said...

Hey Sandi, just a note to say I hope everything works out ok lovely, visiting from CBN :-) Elaine-xxx-