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Friday, 14 June 2013

No cards made!

Haven't had the time to make any cards this week at all, my dad is unwell again and he suffers from serious anxiety with suicidal thoughts, been a rough few months with him, and I am running out of ideas. Usually to help me cope I sit down an make a couple of cards but this week, although I have a couple of times got everything out, I end up just sitting there staring off into space thinking!

I really wish I could help my dad out, but he just doesn't seem to want to help himself its so sad. He retired last september and really its been ever since then. He also had treatment for an ulcer in his eye, but with treatment and a cornea transplant all came good, but now the ulcer is back again. So he's back on drops for 3 months and then return to the consultant to see how it is.

Am hoping maybe this weekend I can try again to make something.

Hope you all have a nice weekend


Thursday, 6 June 2013

What a week!

Been a funny ole week this week! Got myself a new computer this week, and was a bit apprehensive as it was windows8, but I have to say I am actually qutie enjoying it! Still finding my way round of course, and its a completely different way of working than I am used too, but its good to learn new things! Have uploaded a couple of cards made recently. And thank you everyone on your input on the sorting out of my blog, all seems to be running ok now thankfully! It will be a while I think before I tinker with it again lol xx