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Friday, 14 June 2013

No cards made!

Haven't had the time to make any cards this week at all, my dad is unwell again and he suffers from serious anxiety with suicidal thoughts, been a rough few months with him, and I am running out of ideas. Usually to help me cope I sit down an make a couple of cards but this week, although I have a couple of times got everything out, I end up just sitting there staring off into space thinking!

I really wish I could help my dad out, but he just doesn't seem to want to help himself its so sad. He retired last september and really its been ever since then. He also had treatment for an ulcer in his eye, but with treatment and a cornea transplant all came good, but now the ulcer is back again. So he's back on drops for 3 months and then return to the consultant to see how it is.

Am hoping maybe this weekend I can try again to make something.

Hope you all have a nice weekend



Wendy L said...

This must be very difficult for you and i do feel for you. Crafting has helped me through some very hard times and does usually take me mind of this. Take care. Xxxxx

Cards by Alison said...

Sorry to hear your sad news about your dad but I know after working in mental health for many years he needs to want help before anything can be done which is a shame. Hope you manage to get some down time for yourself. Love Alison xx

Sandra H said...

So sorry to hear this it must be really heart breaking for you and your dad l get lots of pleasure from card making and find it really relaxing but if its not helping you at the moment with all thats going on have you thought about another hobby that you both can do.....take care sending lots of love xx