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Friday, 1 July 2011

How to Cut from Craft Artist to your Craft Robo/Silhouette

Ok finally got around to getting the pics done for the tutorial!!!!

First pic is my design ready to go to the craft robo/silhouette this is a really quick circle sentiment to give you the idea of what to expect for the steps.
So you have your design ready to go, ignore the Good Luck in the Centre please as I have just popped it into the middle to give you an image, it is the scallop edge around the outside we are going to cut.

First off when ready I want you to click on file and cut

 This will bring up a new window, click on the down arrow for printers and choose your machine mine is listed as the Graphtec 330, if your cutter is not in the list you need to go to look down the list until you see your craft robo 330, download the controller, after doing this when you now click on the print your cutter will be listed, next choose print, the controller window will open up next where you set your blade depth speed etc, when your happy with that click ok, will come back to this window below again, just click print and your craft artist and craft robo will communicate and cut your design out for you, I advise you practice at first with simple shapes and copier paper until you get the feel of the steps to take to get it cutting correctly for you.

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